Yes, we really do go that “extra” mile for all of our clients. We make an annual trip to Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, to find that perfect diamond – the one that matches your budget and your expectations. And I am very, very particular about the ones we bring home!

But not to worry – if you did not schedule your appointment before our trip, we can still take care of all of your needs. We work with those same diamond dealers all year long so they know what our expectations are for our clients. Just any diamond won’t do.

As you can see above, one of those diamonds is absolutely brilliant and stunning. The other is okay but it doesn’t really wink at you. And believe it or not, those two diamonds have the same grade. Same color, same clarity but obviously something is off in either the cut or the finish. But you cannot tell that from reading a report.

So make your appointment now and we will make sure you get your money’s worth. She will know it’s real love when it comes from S & S.