You can google the 4 C’s of purchasing a diamond and discover all about the color, cut, clarity, and the carat weight.  Carat weight is important if you want you diamond to be at least “a carat”.  Clarity is important for how well your diamond looks to the naked eye and can also impact the diamond’s ability to scatter the light.  Color basically means your diamond is going to faceup colorless – showing no tint of color to the eye – – or be tinted in a variety of colors, most common being light yellow or top light brown.  Fancy color have an intense hue and command a significant dollar due to their rarity. 

But to me, the most important aspect of diamond buying is the EW factor.  The scintillation as the diamond move, the diamond that is an eye-winker.   And it will wink at you from the diamond case when you first spy it, and it will wink at you as you wear it.  Buying a diamond is a visual experience and should be done with a jeweler that you know and trust.  



That’s why our Diamond Dive, Jae Lehew, travels to Antwerp every year to source out the best diamond for your budge.  She is looking for those eye-winkers, those diamonds that are the best for their grade.  She can look for one for you too!  Stop in at S&S Diamonds, meet the crew, and we will be more that happy to show you the difference a Diva can make.