S & S Diamonds travels every year to Antwerp, Belgium, The Diamond Capital of the World, to bring you the most beautiful diamonds from responsible sources.

Byron & Jae C at the Antwerpen Train Station.

We travel with other independent jewelers and our clients get the best of what is available in our markets.  We travel to Antwerp to hand select your diamond to the color, cut and quality that you predetermine.  And we use these same diamond dealers, who all have offices here in the United States, to replenish our inventory throughout the year. 

Our diamond diva, Jae Lehew, will help you in your selection so that you get the best diamond available for your budget.  She will pay attention to what is important to you and help you design the ring of your dreams.  There are so many options available that it sometimes can get confusing and she can help you simplify the process.  

We have many beautiful styles in stock that can help you determine which style best suits your life and your budget.  Call today to schedule an appointment.  S & S Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, 304-455-6390, or contact us via our website.