The earliest known use of jewelry dates back almost 100,000 years ago. Three shell beads were found in Israel, 160  miles inland at an archaeological site, showing the intentional portage of shells to be used in the making of jewelry for personal adornment. 

Early examples include eagle talons that were used as adornment by the Neanderthals.  And when we think of gold jewelry, Egypt readily comes to mind (think King Tut!).  The bible lists gold earrings and bracelets early in the Old Testament dating back at least 4000 years.  

Ancient Egypt was also where wedding rings originated.  They exchanged circular rings made of leather or reeds as a symbol of love. The circle was considered a powerful symbol representing eternal life and love.  

Gold earrings used to be a predominantly male ornamentation and in ancient Egypt and Assyria signified that you belonged to a higher class.  In Roman times, only slaves wore earrings.  In the 13th century, the Catholic Church forbade the piercing of the ears so earrings fell out of favor except for pirates, thieves and members of the lower class. 

Ear piercing started gaining popularity again here in the United States in the 1960’s and 70’s and has become standard practice in modern times.  Gold earrings are popular with everyone, whether it is a gold hoop, a gemstone set in gold or diamond studs.

Earrings are so affordable that we can own multiple pairs and switch them out frequently depending on our mood or our outfit.  Have fun and show your sense of style by what you wear in your ears!!!