What we in the USA call the “holiday season” is upon us.  Next Thursday it begins with Thanksgiving, a day that is a harvest celebration and was instituted to give God thanks for all his provisions, not just in harvest but also in military victory.  One of the interesting things I read was that Thanksgiving took the place of  “Evacuation Day” –  a day commemorating the withdrawal of the British troops from US soil after the Revolutionary War.  Days of Fasting and Days of Thanksgiving were originally initiated by the clergy and were mainly religious holy days.  In modern times, they are secular holidays as well. 

In very recent times, Thanksgiving is immediately followed by Black Friday – a shopping day recognized as that day when most retailers finally enter the black on their ledger books because it is the premier shopping day of the Christmas season.  As a retailer, we cannot stress the importance of this shopping season to multiple types of small businesses who struggle to make ends meet most of the year.  So many businesses plan special activities for this weekend spurred on by the big box and online retailers.  American Express stepped up in support of small business 10 years ago with their Shop Local Campaign.  #AmexSBSCampaign

This year, we are celebrating Black Friday and Small Business Saturday by featuring the Salt & Pepper Collection in our store for the weekend.  We will be opening that Sunday from 1-5pm.  These are beautiful, natural rose cut diamonds in silver, gray, black, dark brown, light brown and reddish brown that show off their glorious imperfections

For right now, we will focus on Thanksgiving.  We are grateful for all of you that we have come to know over the years and we look forward in helping you make memories for many years to come.