The Celts were a tribal race that inhabited most of Europe in the 13th century B.C. until 79 B.C.  The first use of the word Celt was in 1590 A.D. and is a modern name to describe multiple tribes living in Europe during the Iron Age.  These ancient peoples used Celtic symbols that have now become part of the Irish identity, and their cultural influences can be seen throughout Europe, especially in Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Germany and Spain.  

Our new line, Keith Jack, features Celtic inspirations and each collection is paired with its story.  The pendant pictured above is “Window to the Soul” and uses circular knots which represent the continuity of life or emotions.  Its story: Celtic legend is ripe with tales of people moving between the physical and faerie realms.  With the passage of time it is now only our souls that can pierce this veil between worlds.  The is because our souls are eternal, like the spiritual world, without beginning or end.  

Our Diamond Diva, Jae C, with designer Keith Jack at IJO conference in Phoenix.

Celtic knots are usually endless and since there is no written record of their meanings as used in decorative arts, sometimes the meaning is up to the artist’s interpretation.  The obvious connections would be intricacy capable in the work of humans as a reflection of the intricacies of nature.  The Celts did not differentiate when it came to men and women, they were all equal.  Many of Keith Jack designs are reversible and versatile for either men or women.

Pictured to the right is Dragon Weave. 


Its story:  Handmade for men and women, forged with passion, suspended in time. 

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